Success Case

Success Case: Reinventing Chaads
Ad Strategy with

The Challenge

Chaads, a proud American clothing brand, was struggling to effectively reach and resonate with its diverse customer base across the United States. They partnered with an ad agency but were confronted with a mediocre ROAS of 0.76. Their ad creatives weren't connecting with a significant segment of their audience - Spanish-speaking individuals across various US cities.

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Introducing Dicer.a: an advanced Al tool capable of performing second-by-second analyses of Chaads' video content. Our platform assessed what worked and what didn't, identified shortcomings in budget allocation, and suggested actionable steps to optimize performance. The insights gleaned were not solely quantitative but significantly qualitative. Dicer.a inspired Chaads to develop a new set of creatives, specifically tailored to resonate with their Spanish-speaking customers.

Specific recommendations included:

  1. Emphasizing the hand-drawn designs: Highlighting the unique, hand-drawn designs in ad visuals helped showcase the artistic appeal of Chaads' products and set them apart from competitors.
  2. Showcasing American manufacturing and ethical sourcing: Visuals and text emphasizing the 'made-in-USA' aspect and the use of ethically sourced materials resonated with customers appreciative of American craftsmanship and responsible production practices.
  3. Promoting the community aspect: Incorporating elements in the ad to convey a sense of community, such as group photos of people wearing Chaads attire, helped potential buyers feel a connection with the brand.


The results were immediate and impressive. Within a week, Chaads' ROAS surged to 1.36, nearly 1.8x their lifetime account average. Despite an initial dip in CT due to the existing video content, the improved ROAS underscored the value of's recommendations. Below you can see an example of the ads before dicer and after dicer.

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Client Testimonial

" has been a game-changer for Chaads, driving increased sales by delivering valuable insights and fresh campaign ideas. Their team is an essential partner for anyone seeking to optimize their digital ad strategy." - Jordan Rosen, Founder & CEO, Chaads.

Ongoing Partnership continues to partner with Chaads, providing weekly and monthly performance reports alongside actionable insights. These reports guide both immediate adjustments and long-term strategies. Currently, Chaads is preparing to launch new ads based on's insights.

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Campaign spreedsheet screenshot

The above image represents the robust improvement in Chaads' ad account performance since partnering with

Image of man in front of mural of eagleImage of people holding the american flagImage of people posing in white labelled shirtsImage of people seated around a campfire

The second group of images gives a glimpse into the creative mood board, which informed Chaads' new ad designs.

Through its data-driven approach and tailored strategies, Dicer.a unlocked a new level of growth for Chaads, demonstrating the immense potential it holds for businesses aiming to optimize their ad campaigns.
Data as of June, 2023

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